About Me

About Me

As a designer, I have always been evangelical about the importance of creating spaces, furniture and products to help people live good, happy, healthy lives. For me, design is at the forefront of finding ways of doing this. 

I believe so strongly in this that I recently bought my own bog-standard, slightly derelict 1930’s semi-detached house that had been badly converted and rented for decades. I redesigned the floor I owned, knocked it down and turned it into a space that reflects how I think we could all live. I considered every detail to get the effect I wanted, including some of these:

  • The position of the central heating piping under the floor to create a cost-effective underfloor heating effect in the areas of the house where you’re most likely to benefit (like where I stand when waiting for the kettle to boil).
  • A heat transfer system which filters heat generated from heating from cooking and showering and uses it to heat the house and keep the heating bills down.
  • Installing a 1000-litre tank in the patio to use rainwater to water the garden and, in the future, for showering.
  • Solar panels with storage capacity and a separate wiring system.

These details show what I believe design is all about. You can see the journey in my Instagram feed from the home page.

What makes i-interiors stand out from other companies is that we are a broad design agency with our own design identity: modern, eclectic, multi-functional and different.  If we can design it, we can build it. I work alongside trusted fellow designers, local tradespeople, architects and structural engineers to ensure that you have the resources you need to get the service you want.